Winter driving tips Review the owners manual of your vehicle (free online) (A) Do’s = clean the whole car, all windows, lights + new cars are full of sensors 360° around the car, reduce speed earlier than on a dry road and keep extra space and travel time to reach your destination safely. Avoid cell phone usage while the car is in gear and ready to move any moment. Use the lowest gear to slow easily opposed to late braking Above all be very patient with all other road users including YOURSELF Anytime I am followed too closely by another vehicle, I use my favorite trick “press the hazard lights” and watch them reduce their speed and I just avoided a near rear-end collision. ( Don’t = speed, follow too closely, decide or brake late (missed) a lane change &/ turn go onto the next available option = it’s okay because life will go on (avoid being the first car to enter the intersection (incase of hazards i.e.: sliders & red light runners), (C) I have kept this post simplistic as possible.